We write the Clipper virus in Python and earn money

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Hello everyone! This is HACKFREAKS . Today we are going to write a fairly simple Python Clipper example. but first of all this stuff doesn't belongs to me.I popped from darksites someone selling it. Happy reading!

What is Clipper​

Clipper is a hidden clipboard replacement program.

The clipper replaces the wallets / links copied by the user with the wallets / links of the creator.

Example : The victim downloaded a program with a clipper glued in it. The victim launches it, does his business and closes it, but the clipper remains working in the background with no signs of life. After some time, the user decided to transfer money to someone on the QIWI wallet. He copies the desired wallet, and the clipper at this time has already changed the data to his QIWI wallet. The user inserts the wallet number, transfers money. At some point, he realizes that the money has gone somewhere else. With a high probability, the user will think that it was his mistake, and the clipper will remain without suspicion.


I think Clipper is one of the simplest malware you can write.

It took me 40 lines of code to make a simple clipper (including comments).

Pyperclip library​

pyperclip plays a major role in our clipper. This is the most simple library for working with the clipboard. And its main plus for me is cross-platform. This is really cool, our clipper will work on all OCs, not just Windows.

Installing pyperclip:

Linux / Termux / MacOS:

pip3 install pyperclip


pip install pyperclip

We've finished with the library, now let's start writing the code.

We write Clipper in Python​

The very first thing to always do is import the required libraries:

import pyperclip # Import a library for working with the clipboard

We have only 2 of them, I have already introduced you to the first one.

And from the second, we only import the sleep function, which we need to pause the program.

It's very simple to work with pyperclip:

import pyperclip #import

Everything is as simple as possible, we continue.

The next thing we need to do is create variables with wallets, country codes and so on, here you insert everything individually:

country_code1 = '1' # 1st Country Code Option

We won't even have functions in the program, we'll write everything without them.

The only thing we need is to wrap everything in an endless while True loop, and then just process the contents of the clipboard:

# Endless cycle

This is the main body of our clipper, there is nothing else in the program. Everything is very simple, and if something is not clear, then there is a comment for each line.

Complete code​

ATTENTION! There is no need to copy the code directly from the article, there may be errors and problems.


Better copy from pastebin.

That's all. Today we have created the most simple clipper, but it will be enough for an example of how such malware works.

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