ANNOUNCEMENT Introducing the VIP System - Upgrades FAQ

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Jul 7, 2021
We are introducing our VIP Subscription. Now you can purchase the VIP Upgrades and have access the VIP Area.


Upgrades FAQ

❁ What are the benefits of upgrading my account?
☆ Read the benefits here.

❁ What payment methods are accepted?
☆ We accept Cryptocurrency
methods or you can also pay through your Coinbase account.
For other payment methods, contact @WizardX

❁ What upgrades are available?
☆ There are currently 3 tiers. VIP, Mage & Wizard.

❁ How long does the upgrades last for?
VIP lasts for 1 month(30 days) while Mage & Wizard are lifetime subscriptions.

❁ How long does it take to recieve my upgrade?
☆ As soon as the payment is successful, you are given the upgrade.

❁ "I want to buy Wizard, and I'm Mage already. Can I pay the difference"?
☆ No. All upgrades are unique products. To upgrade from Mage to Wizard, or from nothing to Mage, you have to pay the complete amount. If you want to upgrade to Wizard from VIP, you have to pay the complete amount.

❁ Can I use credits to upgrade my account?
☆ No. Credits are currently not usable for upgrades.

❁ Does all upgrades access to same VIP Section?
☆ No, while VIP & Mage get access to same section, Wizard upgrade includes access to another private forum.

❁ What is the refund policy?
☆ All sales are final and non-refundable.

Upgrade your account here.
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